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We're getting the team back together!

Paula is back - and she's bringing some cute friends with her! Her new kids book features Lina and pals as they prepare for career day at school. To celebrate the book launch (releasing everywhere September 12), we're getting the launch team back together. And we hope you'll join us for another round of giveaways and fun! Here's what you get when you join the team:

  • Early access to the digital ebook before release

  • Invite to a live chat with Paula *and special guest

  • 20% discount code for any additional book on

  • A chance to win fun giveaways leading up to book release

Follow the instructions below to come back to the team and join the fun!

How do I join?

Step 1: Order the Book

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Step 2: Fill Out the Form

Step 3: Check Your Inbox

Check your inbox for a confirmation email. Please allow 5 minutes for delivery and check your spam, junk, or promotions folder. If you have trouble locating your confirmation email, you can reach out to Cat Hoort from the book publishing team at and she'll be happy to help!


The launch team begins September 4 with our first social share and giveaway. See you soon!

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