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with Natalie Franke

Step 1.) Pre-Order the Book 

Step 2.) Fill Out the Form Below

What to Expect:

A Letter from Natalie

The launch team for my new book, GUTSY, begins July 24.

Think of it as an author-led, private book club that begins ONE

month before the book releases to everyone else. You'll get all the

insider perks and swag with exclusive access to yours truly!

This group is for you if:

- You’re done letting the opinions of others hold you back
- You’re tired of chasing after approval and hustling for validation
- You know that you are capable of greatness with a little push
- You’re ready to take action and become the boss of your own life

When you pre-order the book and join, my publisher will be sending you an advanced copy of the audiobook on Monday, July 24.


We'll also invite you to a private Instagram channel where everyone can connect with each other, and I'll be hopping on regularly for weekly livestreams, questions, and more so I can help you take that next step up.

Once you fill out the application form above, you'll get a confirmation email. If you have any trouble, you can reach out to our launch team coordinator, Katie Norris:

Cheering you on!


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About the Book:

Whether you’re struggling to get started, afraid of making a big decision, or clinging to a path no longer meant for you—this book is the kick in the pants
you need to take the next step and
go after what you want. GUTSY is your guidebook to uncovering the audacious courage within you and making an impact on this world that only you can make. 

―Jenna Kutcher, NYT Bestselling Author of How Are You, Really?

"This is the kick in the pants that you need! If you've ever felt stuck, afraid, or frozen out of fear— pick up this book, it is time to get Gutsy. Natalie has created a powerful and inspiring guide that will help you find the courage and confidence to break free from a season of stagnation and catapult yourself in the direction of your dreams."
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